99P Recycling Rebranding

With the expansion of its business and market, 99P Recycling is shifting its image from a traditional plastics trader to a recycler and protector of environment.


Project Info.


Brand identity

99P Recycling is a UK business specialises in plastic waste management. It provides one-stop service for plastic recycling. Over 10 years, the company have gained a good reputation for service, quality and care.


Brand identity

With the expansion of its business, 99P Recycling is trying to shift its company image from a traditional plastic trader to a recycler and environment protector. It is committed to protecting the environment through its continuous improvement of its business processes and services.

Therefore, the company was looking for a way to create a positive corporate image and promote their environmental protection ideas.

Sharpen Up the Image.

How to communicate online the way that a plastic recycling company devotes to create a better living environment through their daily business?

To challenge the idea of what the recycling industry can be, we first rebuilt the logo of the company by integrating the vision of environmental protection and technology, which tells a lot more about the company and its passion on making a better future.


The Challenge.



Our Solution.

Making a Big Difference.

We worked together with 99P Recycling for several months and discovered a rich story of a UK recycling company who dreamed big.

Full screen videos, attention-grabbing sliders… an interactive website reveals the spirit of a recycler that shows the commitment of the company to care about the quality of our environment in each area of its business operation.

Furthermore, we carried through our identity to every element of 99P’s brand identity, from the fully responsive website to their business card, business letter, T-shirts and mugs.

Business Letter.

Business Card.