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Our people are what make Minder stronger. The products and services we provide depend on the commitment, the performance and the energy of our people.


Who We Are

Our mission is to help you win through technology.

Established in 2012, Minder Technology is a dynamic and passionate team of talented designers, developers and marketing professionals that loves helping business deliver their value to the world. 

Tell us what you need, however complex, and we’ll get building.  

— Max Cao, Managing Director


We trust each other

We believe that effective collaboration is impossible without trust. At Minder, the support, the having-each-other’s-backs and the teamwork push us towards new challenges and achieving new victories.


Keep Improving

We are continuously looking to improve our services, while significant emphasis on efficiency and quality are also being made. Keeping up with the latest technology makes sure we’ve given the best to our clients and that we are ahead of the game.


Our Thoughts


Work smart

We provide solutions in a highly competitive marketplace and it’s our technology that ensures our standing-out. It is really exciting to try out new technology and find the best one to help you accelerate your business.


We have everybody together and we operate as one. 

Max Cao

Managing director


Solution Architect

Crystal Mu

HR Manager

Charlie Chen

Project Manager

Groot Pan

Technical Director

Kester Gao

Product Manager

Kim Jin

UI Designer

Cassiel Ren

Front end Developer

Johan Pan

PHP Developer

Willem Wei

Front end Developer

Alex Liu

PHP Developer

Vicky Shao

Product Designer

Emily Shi

Front end Developer

Jack Liang

PHP Developer

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