B2B Trading Platform

We aim to ensure recycling plastic business practitioners to do their business safely and easily, offering enhanced communication and confidence within the plastic recycling supply chain.


Project Info.


Bring people together

B2B (Business-to-business) is an ecommerce model that enable manufacturing industries directly offer the raw materials or services to retail environments. It enables companies from startup to scalable enterprise to increase revenue, reduce costs and develop new opportunities.

Incorporate the latest technology and customers’ specific requirements, Minder Technology developed a B2B trading platform which is revolutionizing the plastic recycling industry.

Revolutionize the Trading Mode within the Industry.

To revolutionize the trading mode of plastic recycling industry.

Plastic recycling industry players are currently facing major trade barriers including poor communication and transparency in an increasingly fragmented market.

There are actually several existing trading platforms, but only offer limited services, with no purchase security for buyers as deals cannot be closed on site. This leaves too many market barriers, and a lack of confidence to trade.

We are aiming to break the dilemma.


The Challenge.


Our Solution.

Through an in-depth understanding and thinking of the industry, we established a platform, which is named 99Plas, that contains core functions of making loads and offers, price bidding, payment and logistics services. The platform will bring all the participants across the supply chain together and overcome current limitations in communication and transparency.

From the technical point of view, the platform implements the Vue framework, which ensures the flexibility and robustness of the backend system.   

By utilising machine learning and big data analysis, a superior product recommendation system to passively find suppliers and buyers who are best suited to each other, and a dynamic pricing system will ensure suppliers are aware of the real time market information.

Together, these innovations will increase the frequency and efficiency with which deals are successfully struck. The platform will be live in October, with the ambition to start a new era of the industry.