BCEGI is now growing its global presence. We are devoted to help them find an engaging way to make the company more attractive to the global audience.


Project Info.


Web identity

BCEGI, one of the leading companies in international property development and construction, specialises in bringing projects to fruition. The company entered the UK market in 2013 and achieved rapid growth of its international presence.


Web identity

BCEGI is an internationally diverse business. The enterprise is now growing its global presence and has recently established its new European headquarters in the UK.

Winning the competitive pitch, Minder Technology was chosen to help BCEGI to build its new UK website to increase its international competitiveness.

Engagement of Global Audiences.

Clients and customers are most likely to research the company online before making any important decisions. How to find an engaging way to make the company attractive to the global audience is a giant challenge.

A great website is a reflection of what the company is, what the company aspires to be, and how people perceive the company. For BCEGI, a world leading construction company, we need to deliver the image of its high quality and being experienced.


The Challenge.


Our Solution.

Revealing the

BCEGI’s new web experience is based on the concept of dynamic views, which leads to unlimited compositions and more evolving experience.

To enrich audiences’ online experience, we shot a web video to pull back the curtains of the website, telling the story of how BCEGI is developing stronger and expanding internationally.

Last but not least, an effective responsive design offers a meaningful experience across all devices.

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