CCIC Inspection System

We developed a new digital operating system for CCIC which accelerated the transition from offline to online.
An exciting future lies ahead.


Project Info .

Clients .

Digital Strategy

CCIC London Company Limited is an independent third-party certification and inspection organisation, committing to a wide spectrum of professional services ranging from inspection, verification, testing and certification to business development consultations.

Background .

Digital Strategy

Faced with the steady rise in business, CCIC knew they needed to do more than just increase their staff and inspection facility. They need to invest in a sustainable future, which means finding a way to stay flexible and competitive in an increasingly digital world.

Going Digital.

Digital transformation creates more opportunities across all industries. While the accelerated pace of technology change raises some questions that go to the heart of strategic planning. Companies may need to rethink which markets they are facing, what problems they are solving, their role in the value chain and evaluate their readiness to adapt to change.

We are none other than helping clients generate value from digital.

Using design thinking principles to rapidly develop prototype, test and iterate ideas to help break fixedness in thinking and encourage innovation. Meanwhile, we worked with CCIC to ensure ideas that pass through design are feasible and robust.


The Challenge .


Our Solution .

Our approach was based on CCIC’s own business process. We helped them identify the key steps required to make the plan a success. Then, working with each of the three key roles within the inspection process – CCIC, traders and depots – Minder Technology professionals translated the vision in a way that made sense to each, and led a cross-functional team to implement it.

We developed a new digital operating model for the technology function and a ‘digital-first’ core news process which accelerated the transition from offline to online.

Rethink .